High Quality, Cost-Effective Professional Siding Replacement Services that make your home beautiful

In most areas, siding is replaced because of storm damage or because a new look or aesthetic is desired. We work with our homeowners through the following:

  • Storm Damage Siding Replacement – from hail, wind, rain, sleet, or other weather-related incidents. In this case, we work with you and your insurance provider to ensure that your siding is returned to pre-storm conditions, meeting the current code and exceeding your expectations.
  • Traditional Siding Replacement – In this situation, our homeowner has decided to have the siding replaced and is not using insurance. We work together to draw up a scope of work and program that meets our customer’s desired criteria.

The process for both Storm Damage and Traditional Replacement is the same.

Advocate Roofing 4-step process

Types of Material to Consider with Siding Replacement Services that make your home beautiful

Advocate Construction provides high-quality siding solutions for homeowners. Our process is simple and straightforward. We pride ourselves on clear communication and work with you as partners to ensure a smooth project. We install several types of siding. We can replace existing siding, as well upgrade to higher performing system:

  • Vinyl Siding – Vinyl siding is the most popular choice for remodeling and new construction. It delivers the quality appearance of wood without costly, time-consuming maintenance. Vinyl won’t split, peel or rot. In addition, vinyl never needs to be scraped, stained, or painted because its color goes throughout the panel.
  • Fiber Cement Siding – Nearly 15 percent of new homes are taking advantage of fiber cement for siding. Why? Because it combines the rot-, fire-, and termite-proof performance of masonry with the look of painted wood clapboards, shingles, stone, or brick.

    After installation, there is minimal upkeep for fiber cement siding.

  • Wood Siding – Aesthetics, durability, and the track record of wood siding makes it a choice worth considering. Under normal conditions and with proper periodic maintenance, quality wood siding will last the life of the building.
  • Wood siding is attached to the exterior of the house. The wood is held in place primarily by nails, screws, or in some cases, construction adhesives.

    Water penetrates the wood, so installing a moisture barrier between the siding and the structure is essential. Wood siding will deteriorate if not properly maintained, particularly at joints, knot holes, or points of damage. The required periodic maintenance includes painting or staining and caulking.

Working with Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs)

At Advocate, we work with a variety of professional groups and associations to ensure an excellent result for you. Some residents have HOAs that require a sample, a scope of work, or other requirements. In addition, we have information packets to ensure your project runs smoothly through all the necessary channels. Let us know if you need our assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions – Siding

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Q: What makes Advocate Construction different?

Anyone can sell you siding.  At Advocate, we want to be your roofing and siding partner for life.  We live and work in the communities we serve.  We don’t chase storms, and we build relationships.

Q: Does Advocate work with my insurance carrier?

YES, Advocate works with all insurance companies.  We work with them to not only develop a scope of work but to ensure the scope of work is compliant with your local building codes.

Q: I am not choosing to use insurance, can I still work with Advocate?

YES, of course!  We are experts in working with insurance on storms and other incidents.  This expertise crosses over for our non-insurance (often called “Customer Requested”) projects.  We use the same process, ensuring we are exceeding the local code requirements and delivering you a new roof that exceeds the original condition.

Q: Does Advocate offer financing or loans?

Advocate is an expert in siding and roofing, we are not an expert in finance.  Instead, we have partnered with a finance partner that can work with you to finance your project properly.  They can finance the entire project or part of the project at competitive rates with stellar service.

Contact Us About Your Siding Project

Let’s get started with a free inspection.  We want to give you peace of mind when choosing a siding and roofing company.  We provide high value and service without ever compromising on quality. Advocate will provide a beautiful roof replacement that will last for years. A large part of our business comes from referrals.

We also offer additional home improvement services, like:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Gutterwork
  • Solar Programs
  • Storm Damage Repair

Please give us a call to arrange your free roof inspection.  Or you can fill out our online form to schedule an appointment with one of our roofing professionals.

Understanding the Insurance Process Get the Professional Help You Need

At Advocate Construction, we understand how difficult and often complicated the insurance claims process can be. Our siding experts will partner with you to ensure you fully understand the process and answer questions.

Your dedicated Advocate Construction team member will be there every step of the way, including meeting the insurance adjuster at your home, ensuring all communication is clear, and aligning expectations. This ensures that your claim is processed correctly, which in turn, can expedite your siding replacement.

At Advocate Construction, we want to take the stress off you. We will guide you through all the paperwork, including any required follow-up paperwork.

Our top priority is to make this experience go smoothly and provide you the service you deserve.   We deliver a roof that will last for years to come.

Financing Options for your project with Advocate Construction

Advocate Construction offers a variety of financing options through our third-party partners. Our finance partners can help finance the deductible portion of a project or the entire project.