Tips to Protect Your Roof from Heat

Tips to Protect your Roof from Heat

It’s the height of the summer. Ice cream trucks are driving through your community, children are playing in sprinklers, and cookouts are aplenty. It’s the best of times, both for the fun things listed and for maintaining the outside of your home or commercial property. But it’s important to remember, trimming the bushes and weeding your garden are not the only proactive upkeep you should be doing.

All too often homeowners and business owners alike focus on Winter weather as the primary cause of property damage. While it’s true that snow, sleet, and ice can do some serious damage, these are not the only weather conditions to be mindful of.

Why do I need to protect my roof from the heat?

Simple questions (sometimes) have simple answers. When you protect your roof from heat, you are extending its life and ultimately keeping your home or commercial property safe from water damage and structural damage.

Over time, UV rays can damage the top layer of your roofing material, leaving it exposed to the elements. This compromises your roof’s integrity and makes it susceptible to cracking and warping. If the protective layers of your shingles can’t keep water out, you could face a serious issue with water damage under your roof and in your property.

Beyond UV rays, heat itself can also affect your roof, especially if the roof isn’t in a shaded area. The dark color of your roof will absorb heat and high temperatures, which can accelerate chemical processes, potentially causing your roofing and construction materials to break down faster.

Here are 7 proactive tips to protect your roof from the heat:

  1. Coat your roof 

You use sunscreen on your body to protect. Coating your roof is a similar concept. Roof coating can protect your shingles from UV damage and typically last about 10 years.

  1. Prepare for storms

Winter storms can cause damage, but so can Summer ones. Check for any cracks or leaks after heavy storms.  Catch water damage early on, or you’ll be stuck with a much bigger problem down the line.

  1. Inspect your roof 

It’s a best practice to inspect your roof twice a year. Summer is a great time to conduct one of these inspections and to take care of any problems that may have arisen in the Winter or Spring.

  1. Clean up the surrounding spaces

Summer is an important time to not only look at your roof, but also around it. Winter and Spring are both seasons where debris can get clogged in your gutters. The warmer Summer months are a good time to dig in and clean out your gutters so the water can run freely, properly draining from your home.

One of the main culprits of clogged gutters is overgrown trees. While they are great for shade to reduce the high heat hitting your roof, they can also wreak havoc if not properly maintained. Trees with dead or diseased limbs can cause damage during summer storms. Trim back any branches that hang too close to your house.

  1. Don’t forget your skylights and eaves 

When you are conducting your inspection and maintaining your roof, you should also check out your skylights and eaves. Skylights are one of the most common areas on your roof for damage to occur. They should be checked regularly to ensure there is a strong seal around them. This will both protect from leaks and keep the windows in place if there is a storm with heavy winds.

Additionally, water stains around eaves could be a sign of a leaky roof.

  1. Check for mold

While a tiny spec of mold may not be a major issue, it can certainly lead to one. If you see any mold on your roof or in your attic, call a professional to come take a look.

  1. Block animal entry

When you welcome a new animal into your home, you want it to be a pet…not a critter living in your attic. Rodents can cause structural damage to your home. Summer is the perfect time to look for any unwanted entry points into your home.


Protecting your roof is important, no matter the season. While many people focus on the colder months to ensure they don’t have damage, the Summer is a hot spot.

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