How to Succeed as a Roofing Salesperson

Working in sales sometimes gets a bad rap. It’s a common misconception that the best salespeople are the ones who make the biggest deals, no matter the cost. In reality, the best salespeople are the ones who can best highlight the differentiators of the product or service they are selling and best match those products or services to what the customer actually needs. That is the philosophy at Advocate Construction. Being a roofing salesperson is about working with our clients to provide options and equip our sales team with the resources they need to thrive.

Here are 10 Tips to Succeeding as a Roofing Salesperson:

  1. Listen to your clients

This is the most important piece of advice for any salesperson. The reason why some people think sales reps are untrustworthy is because they don’t feel heard. Before diving into your suggestions for repair or a new roof, take a step back. Ask the prospect what is going on and make sure you understand their needs.

  1. Focus on educating, not the bottom line

Of course, you want to end your conversation with a contract in place. Yet, there is a lot of information to get through before signing a contract. Opting for a new roof is a huge investment and clients don’t want to feel rushed into a decision. Educate them on solutions.

  1. Show options

Some people are visual learners. When you are going through the roofing sales process, it is beneficial to actually show prospects their options, whether that is different types of roofing styles or a variety of different shingles they can choose form. They may know they need a new roof, but not sure of what they want. Having visuals can help.

  1. Sell value

Purchasing a new roof is an investment, no matter what options a buyer chooses. Remember that as you are pitching the roof. Discuss the value a new roof provides.

  1. Upsell when it makes sense

One of the reasons why people shut down when talking to a sales rep is because they are just waiting for the list of upsells that are going to come their way. It’s like the classic example of a car salesperson who tries to get you to purchase every additional feature for your new car. This is why you should wait to upsell until it makes sense. It goes back to listening to your customer/prospect and then meeting their needs. They may be thrilled to jump at the chance for an extra bell or whistle if you are only suggesting the few that makes sense for them.

  1. Leverage roofing tools apps

There are a few different types of learning styles (visual, auditory, read/write, verbal, physical, etc.). Leverage the technology tools at your disposal to give your prospects the best experience you can. There are apps that allow you to switch out the different types of roofing styles or different color shingles on images of an actual property. This helps a customer to visualize how different roofs can look on their building.

  1. Give them referrals

You can talk about your roofing process and previous jobs all you want, but sometimes they just need to hear from someone who has been on their side of the deal. Ask some of your previous customers if they’d mind speaking of their experience to prospects. This not only builds trust in your prospects, but also continues your communication with great customers.

  1. Be professional, but real

As stated, investing in a new roof is a big deal. Clients don’t want a sales rep who doesn’t take things seriously. They are making decisions and want a professional. However, you can be a professional and a real person at the same time. Prospects want to feel comfortable with you and have their questions answered honestly. Be ready to have financial conversations, including warranty discussions.

  1. Highlight differentiators

Remember that you are not just selling a product, but service too. Highlight differentiators between different products and what makes the company you work for different than others. For instance, at Advocate Construction, all customers receive a project manager immediately so they have one person they will work with directly throughout the project. This is a significant benefit to customers, and something to discuss in the prospecting stage.

  1. Work for a reputable company

As with any sales job, part of your success stems from believing in the product and service you are selling. Working with quality roofers will help you to be the best roofing salesperson you can be.


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