Do Solar Panels Protect Your Roof?

When people first start thinking about rooftop solar panels, they think about the perks. From avoiding rising energy costs to reducing electricity use, the benefits are vast. Rooftop solar panels do pull clean, pure energy from the sun, but they do so much more, too.

Benefits of solar panels:

Reduce electric bills:

One of the most well-known reasons for solar panels are in the electricity. With a solar panel system, you generate free power to your home.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 25 percent of total U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions come from electricity. Solar energy combats this number.

Energy cost:

Solar panels can draw energy even when it’s cloudy with indirect sunlight.

Property value:

A small electricity bill is an appealing offer for many prospective home owners.

Return on investment:

While it is a financial investment, it is worth it in the long run. The typical solar payback period in the U.S. is 8-10 years.

Sometimes people don’t realize that solar panels not only create environmental and economical efficiencies, but they can also protect your roof and extend its lifespan. While some people fear that solar panels are bad for your roof, they can actually protect it.

Since solar panels are above the roof, they also offer a protective layer.

Here are a few ways in which your solar panels protect your roof:

UV Ray Protection

In the summer months, your roof can often get hit with high heat and UV rays, which can damage your roof. Rooftop solar panels can absorb sunlight that would otherwise be absorbed by your shingles. Since solar panels sit above the roof, they help block your roof from the sun.

Air Flow

A high-shade tree can cool down your roof because of the air flow and shade it can give you, but it’s not the only to gain this relief. Researchers have found that a building’s ceiling was 5 degrees Fahrenheit cooler under solar panels than under an exposed roof.

Extra bonus, turning to solar panels instead of the shady trees will also reduce the risk of falling debris.

Weather Protection

Snow, ice and hail can do some serious damage to your roof. Yet, with solar panels there is a barricade in place.

Extend the Life

Protecting your roof from UV rays, cooling it down in high heat temperatures and protecting it from the natural elements, extending the life of your roof.

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