10 Opportunities for an Entry Level Sales Representative

One of the most frustrating parts of entering any job market is the battle between trying find a job and finding the experience you need to get the job. Hiring managers often want 3-5 years’ experience for entry level jobs, so it can feel like being on a carousel; you never stop spinning around. You need the job, but you need experience to get the job. So, how does one get the experience?

There’s one career path that’s different. As an entry level sales representative, you can get started right away. No more chasing a job, you can get in the game right away.

There are some attributes that can help you qualify for these jobs, such as being goal-oriented and a self-starter with a positive attitude, but these jobs are designed to give you on-the-job training.

Here are 10 opportunities for an entry level sales representative:

  1. Personalized Job Training

Gain personalized job training to get the most of out your work environment. For instance, at Advocate Construction, we train all employees with the skills they need to perform at high levels, and provide one-on-one mentorship.

We reward honest assessments of personal goals and genuine efforts to reach those goals. Our managers help their team identify challenges and develop strategies to overcome them, while maintaining our core values of, integrity, individual responsibility, personal growth, and a commitment to excellent service.

  1. Ability to Network

Being in sales means you get to speak t0 and meet a lot of people. From prospects to partners, you will be meeting face-to-face and virtually. Learning how to network is an important skill set for any job role.

  1. Grow Comfortable in Different Situations

Not only do you have the ability to network, but you are able to take those experiences and grow more comfortable in different situations. Need to pitch your services to a new client? No problem, we’ll help you get there.

  1. Incentives

Working hard and getting rewarded for it. That’s how all jobs should be, right? Yes, but not always. Finding a company that believes in this is important for your success. For instance, we love having holiday parties and incentive trips because we like to have fun when celebrating personal and professional growth.

  1. Benefits

Your life is more than just your career. You can receive standard benefits of full-time employment in this role. These benefits can include: medical and dental care plans, free vision plans, 401K (with company matching), and long-term disability. You may also get extended benefits, including: paid maternity, paternity, and adoptive leaves.

  1. Flexible Schedule

One major added benefit that a lot of workers enjoy is building their own flexible schedule. While you’ll still need to get your work done, as an entry level sales representative you can do it in the time frame that works best for you.

  1. Gain Experience

No more fighting to add up random odd jobs from your past just to post on a resume. Instead, work and gain the experience you need. Absorb information about your industry. Learn how to nurture prospects.

  1. Understand Target Audiences

When you are a sales rep, you are learning how your products and services help prospective customers. This will help you develop an important life skill that shows you how to cater information to particular audiences. Not every service is a good fit for every prospect and you will learn how to best match products/services to potential customers.

  1. Learn Time-Management Skills

There is a lot to balance in sales and time management is incredibly important. Gain experience developing this skill by pursuing an entry level sales opportunity.

  1. Career Advancement

One of the best parts of an entry level job is that you can gain important skills, while creating a path forward. For instance, we offer our most successful employees the opportunity to enter our Management Trainee Program (MTP), which allows for skill growth in sales and business management. It enables our best performers to acquire an impressive skill set that can eventually be used in a senior management role.


Advocate Construction presents opportunities—not just for our roofing professionals, but for everyone who works with us. At Advocate, we realize that the well-being of a company depends upon the well-being of its employees. That is why we offer competitive compensation and benefits packages, promote only from within, and work hard to maintain a culture of quality, integrity, and fun.

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